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" Just got my box! Have to say, OOTB really has the BEST array of sample items. I have gotten a few boxes from OOTB and two other samplers, and your's is the best BY FAR! I LOVED it, I loved the assortment, I love that it isn't ALL soap and wax! Everything was great!" ~ Lore G.

" How cool! As soon as I opened the April box it smelled like I walked into a candle boutique..... Love it! Thank you!!!" ~ Amanda C.

" I just wanted to write you a note and let you know I received my April Bodaciously Bigger Box and I am LOVING it. I have ordered different sample boxes from numerous companies and your's is by far the best!!!! I can not wait for May now so I can buy the May box." ~ Jennifer K.

"I got my "Bodaciously Bigger" October box today. It's ALWAYS a huge treat to get my sampler box - almost like Christmas morning - but I had to write in to say that this was the BEST sampler box I've EVER gotten. I'm really impressed with the samples that were in the box - it is much easier to get a good impression of a product with a more substantial sample! I've only unpacked the box as of this writing, but I'm super thrilled to go back through each sample one by one." ~ Carrie M.

" I just wanted to write you a note and let you know I received my April Bodaciously Bigger Box and I am LOVING it. I have ordered different sample boxes from numerous companies and your's is by far the best!!!! I can not wait for May now so I can buy the May box." ~ Jennifer K.

"I'd like to go ahead and rejoin the OOTBS Team on etsy. I'm in the process of updating my keywords & would like to add the team tag back (ootbs team). The team tag was my highest rated team tag of all the teams I have ever been in on Etsy. That's what brought me back to ootbs... while my other team tags were so low performing that I left those teams." ~ Jennifer (The Decal Gal).

"I purchased my first Out of Box sampler box in June (2012). Out of all the sampler boxes I've tried, your box was by far the best. Loved everything in the box." ~ Elizabeth B.

"Omg, Michelle! This is the BEST box ever. (May 2012) Can't wait to try the clothes detergent items. The scents are amazing this month. Will be buying from some of these sellers for sure. Overloaded box -awesome! Thanks a bunch. R u going to have yor beach box again? I have a whole box of soap samples from the past few years but I just can't stop getting your boxes! You r the original!" ~ Karol B.

"Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for the sampler box you sent me. Ive ordered a few from other businesses before, but this one was the best ever!" ~ Amber S.

"I just ordered this month's box and can't wait to get it. I think you have one of the best boxes out there with a lot of variety. Each month I have been pleased. One of the 'other' ones I tried, I swear I got a box of all wax tarts and to me that was so not worth it and I won't order from them again! Thanks for all you do." ~ Angie

"I just wanted to let you know that I was able to order a box this month and out of all the boxes I've ordered, this is the I know that goes towards what people sent in, but you also put everything together and did a very good job with it. I just had to say thanks for all the work you do, on top of having your own samples in the box. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I've had the first sales, nibbles on my business because of this box and you!" ~ Christina C.

"I got my super big box today...and OMG!! I LOVE it! I really hope I am able to afford to get this huge box every month. I am going to try to do it. I love this one. I know for sure, every chance I get, I WILL have one sent to me. Thank you again for all the hard work that I know you put into this box. I can see that. I do appreciate your work and your service and I hope to be a long time customer of yours and many of the companies that you included. Did I say that I loved my box? LOL I just can't explain how much I really did!" ~ Tanya C.

"Got my box today and it felt like Christmas morning! I love how it feels like opening up a gift with the adorable packaging! Can't wait to try some out and share some with my customers! I have to say, I got a sampler box from a different company last month, and this one wins hands down for presentation, quality, and quantity of products!" ~ Kerri C.

"the july box was amazing and if there are any left i would like to send one to my sister who recently moved to another state and is feeling a little lost...this would cheer her up immensely..cause i know i loved mine!!" ~ Marie S.

"Great sampler! Lots of variety and large samples! Love it! :)" ~ armychic4lyfe (Etsy)

"Amazing just like the last. Keep them coming!" ~ HelloApple (Etsy)

"Love it! So many cool samples in here. I've already made a full size purchase from one of the sellers." ~ vanessa85 (Etsy)

"I love it! I am totally sold and cant wait to get next months. I was pleasantly surprised, this package was even better than I expected it to be!"~HelloApple (Etsy)

"Another great box!" ~ rickimc (Etsy)

"Great box! Got here very quickly and is packed to the brim! Really neat idea, great way to check out various Etsy sellers" ~ dizzyme136 (Etsy)

"This was so much fun, I'll be back for more!" ~ 2irishgirls (Etsy)

"WOW! This was chock-full of good-sized samples. I can see what the fuss is about" ~ rickimc (Etsy)

"Excellent enjoyed it! Lots of wonderful samples!" ~ frenchibean (Etsy)

"Awesome - shipped super fast and full of goodies. I love sampler boxes and what a great way to get introduced to so many etsy sellers. Will definitely return for another!"~Maryblanca (Etsy)

"I have to tell you- I LOVE the sampler box! There is such a great variety of samples & some really cool stuff! :)~ Christine O.

"I got my first Out Of The Box sampler today and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I wrote a small review on my blog and you're more than welcome to take a look. Several of my readers have already asked me where they can go to order their own box!" ~ Kayla W. ~

"I got my box today and was thrilled! My daughter and I took turns carefully opening up each of the goodies. We really enjoyed everything (and love how you packed everything so nicely). It was very festive too. Glad I found you in Country Sampler! Thanks!" ~ Margaret C.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the sampler box! Probably one of the most exciting things I have ever ordered. Not knowing what was in the box, and then getting all of those delicious surprises was like Christmas! I am very pleased with everything and have been showing anyone who walks through my door. It is receiving very high praises. Thank you so much and that fast shipping was out of this world! I just ordered it and I could not believe it came so fast! I will definitely be ordering again:)" ~ Kristine H.

"Just wanted to let you know how great I thought the Valentines boxes were :) So sweetly packaged and chock full of AWESOME samples! You always feature the best in homemade, but this one took the cake! Great job!" ~ Amy B.

"I must admit I am guilty of signing up to be a contributor prior to even seeing one of your boxes. But when I signed up Luminous Scentsations to contribute to April and May and to sponsor June, I also went ahead and bought the February box. OMG!!! I received it today (on my birthday! :-) ) and I just love it!! I am very proud to include my samples in your box and will continue to do so moving forward. Thank you for pulling together such a great product!" ~ Jennifer (Luminous Scentsations)

"OM Gosh, Michelle. This was the BEST box EVER!!! Loves the post pots - what a great site for party favors and little gifts for co-workers to let them know i appreciate them. Yummy treats - got to get another box - is more than one a month too much of a good thing?" ~ Karol B.

"I was FREAKING OUT when I opened it & just kept pulling stuff out.....each thing more awesome than the last. I've ordered boxes from 2 other places before & YOURS are THE BEST. Yours blow the others away!!!! I still can't believe what a treasure box...a jackpot your box was. No "crap" or "fillers" included, like other places. You send top quality, nice sized, etremely generous products. I am just blown away...truly. I felt like it was my birthday or something!!!!!(I will be ordering more, for sure!!!!! you will now be my little indulgence, for myself!!!)" ~ Robin Z.

"I'd like to tell you that I got my first sampler from you a couple of days ago and it seriously is the best sampler i've ever bought! I've tried many different ones and yours is just perfect!" ~ Meghan B.

"I received my Out of the Box Sampler today and I just had to tell you how much I love it! It is absolutely wonderful and I am so eager to sit down and go through it in detail so I can check out all the web sites of those who contributed. I have ordered "sampler" boxes before from others and to be honest, your box just blows the competition away!Thank you so much - I look forward to ordering from you again!"~ Sondra N.

"I just received my first sampler box. What fun – just like opening a Christmas stocking. Which is exactly where most of these great items are going to go. I Looking forward to December’s selection."~ Connie T.

"Thanks for another HUGE and delightful sampler! I always look forward to getting mine in the mail. The Out of the Box Sampler is still by far my favorite and I've bought a lot of samplers. Its like Christmas every month!!!!!!!!" ~ Tammy

"I am absolutely impressed with you and your business. I have contributed in the past and never had I had such thorough follow up and scheduling. I would love to contribute as often as possible." ~ Charlene at Bath House Soap

"Let me take this oppurtunity to thank you for all that you do. I have been thrilled with the results of contributing to OOTBS. It is a great thing you have created!" ~Sandy (Rhoda Rose)

"I think your website is so awesome and I am in love with the OOTB Samplers. I made my first purchase in May and just ordered my June box. I can hardly wait…" ~Dionne K.

"I love the out of the box samplers. They are so much fun to receive." ~Bridget S.

"Wow! I received another "packed to the brim" May sampler box. I love the product diversity and sample sizes are perfect for gift giving. The lemon marshmallows by Scrumpdillyummytious are delicious. I'll be back!" ~Tammy

"By the way, I've already received some great feedback from recipients of the May box who received the samples I contributed. Thanks again so much, I greatly look forward to being a part of the June box, too!" ~Stef (SWC Creations)

"I recv'd lots of customers, and interested sample participants from Out of Box- so I always enjoy it, when I participate." ~Dana (Magic Moon Soapwurks)

"This is my 2nd month ordering a sampler, and I'm totally tickled by all of the goodies. :) With the economy the way it is and being on unemployment right now, I don't get to treat myself very often... With all of these treats to try and share and at such a fair price, I actually get to feel a li'l decadent. And, while I probably won't be able to afford regular orders anytime soon, you can bet I'll be hanging onto everyone's cards so I can do so when things are a tad less lean around here." Bri

"I have gotten other sample boxes and could only use about 1/2 to 3/4 of what was in them. I love everything and will use everything in yours."Kym B.

"wow, I'm really excited! You do indeed sell out of your boxes quickly! Just wanted to let you know that I just got an order from someone who got my sample in one of the boxes already! Now I wish I had bought one, lol. thanks!" Marlene (Lucky Dog Treat Company)

"WOW I received my box of goodies today and I'm just in love with it all. It was a wonderful surprise to see everything! I just wanted to tell you how much I love the box of super things and will buy again when I can! I will tell all my friends about your site also! Thanks so much for everything!" Regina F.

"I received my November box today.I honestly loved your sampler out of all of my samplers this season! It had the best stuff, in my opinion." Heather

"this is one of my favorite boxes now! I LOVED the one I got last month! Hope there are some left today. LOL" Rachel S.

"I LOVED my November box!" LushyLin

"This sampler box is by far the best I have ever gotten from anyplace that does sampler boxes. Out of the Box Sampler is going to skyrocket fast! If you haven't gotten one, you are sooo missing out!" Sheila T.

"I ordered last month's box and loved it so I went back for Nov's box and it just came today. It blew me away! This is the best box I've ever gotten." Cowgirl Up

"I got Oct and Nov, Oct was good but Nov was really good. Skin Candy blew me away, and I am picky about scrubs. Her sugar scrub is great and her Foot scrub is THE BEST EVER. The food items were packed outside the bag of non-food items. The cookies, chocolate treats, and tea were gone shortly after I opened it. IMO I got a good mix of tarts, soap, scrubs, and lotion. I liked the large samples and everyone packaged things really cute." Denise

"I got it and everything is wonderful...I hope your vendors come here to see how much we appreciate getting to try their products and find new shopping spots!" Missy R.

"I got my box Monday, I have to say it all was just wonderful! I loved every item.. nice to get something just for me! I like trying new things and this is a super way to do so! Also a great way to get more exposure as a seller! I hope to send in some samples myself soon!" The Country Crock

" I got my box on Monday & it is awesome !! Can't wait for the drawing now for the winners of the blog & the raffle !!" Willow Lake Scents

"I got my box the other day and I was surprised to see how many awesome samples are in here! I loved them all and I will share some too to spread the word. I will also be sending in samples of my products! Thanks so much." Janette

"AWESOME!!! I love mostly everything in this holiday box!!! This is the only company I am ever going to buy from again. I was really dissapointed from the last company I bought from...." Della

"You are the only box I am going to continue participating with. Yours is the best!!!" Heather from Mattie Reid Chicago

"Now, this is my very first sampler box from OOTBS and I have to tell you I'm in TOTAL awe!! The box is huge and jam packed with samples and not just any samples but awesome samples that you actually want to tell others about! :D So cool!!
I'm going to blog about all my goodies I received a bit later today if anyone wants to check out the sweet stuff I got.

Thanks again Michelle! I'm going to definitely treat myself to a sampler each month! :)" Jennifer

"WOW! I have bought a lot of sampler boxes since Oct. 2008. I have to say that my all time favorite is the March 2009 Out of the Box sample. Thanks so much for the full size products and the STUFFED sampler box. Everything looks and smells great! I'll be back in April." Tammy

I just received my first sampler box. What fun – just like opening a Christmas stocking. Which is exactly where most of these great items are going to go. I Looking forward to December’s selection.

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